Ahhh, the comfort zone.

It’s so fuzzy and warm.

I used to think that place was amazing. Nothing changes there, everything stays the same. And as bad as it sounds, this place of comfort can become a bad thing.

I’ve never had people talk to me about the comfort zone until I joined the John Maxwell Team. But I’m glad they did because as I’ve progressed in my personal growth journey, I found that getting out of the comfort zone is really where I want to exist. That is where the magic happens.

It takes being around people that believe that as well. Thankfully, I have mentors now that have taught me about these concepts.

Part of the growth process was to figure out why: Why do I avoid the uncomfortable?

To be honest, I did it because…well, it’s uncomfortable. Now I have a love/hate relationship with it; I want to push the boundaries without straining myself. But you can’t push the boundaries without strain of some sort. So there’s no getting around it.

Then why did I avoid doing uncomfortable things?



I didn’t understand the benefit of being uncomfortable. Until you believe, feel, and see the benefits of existing outside what you’re used to, you won’t believe it’s worth it. And how can we expect to grow if we aren’t willing to try something new? How can we truly say we are living at our full potential if we aren’t trying new things, screwing up and learning?

That is going to take being uncomfortable. Anytime you do something new with no experience, yes it seems awkward. But the more you do it, the easier it gets.

That’s growth.



It’s normal for people to want to keep you down because it’s how they justify not having to grow and dream bigger. People who don’t understand the necessity of growth will not understand your personal need to grow. You will have to learn to tune that out. I had to learn to how to do that. Truth be told? I worried about what they thought.

In the grand scheme of my dreams, I had to learn that is just doesn’t matter what other people think. It really doesn’t. All I can do is be me and try to be the best version of me. If you don’t like it, then it’s your choice.

Tune out the haters.

It really is a skill set to shut out negativity.

I have a perfect example: I have a personal ambition to do online training courses. In order to do so, I need to get comfortable being in front of a camera. I have started to do more videos on social media. It’s helping me get used to being on camera. A few people have passed judgment as to why I’m doing all these videos on Facebook and I have a few reasons for it; to share with people, to help others, and because I personally grow as well.



I didn’t believe in myself.

Yet, stretching beyond what’s comfortable proves that I am capable of being better and that I value myself. I’ve also come to believe that I deserve better for myself and because I want to help others. Even if no one shows up or supports you, do it for yourself.

At a recent JMT conference, a lady got on stage and told about a situation where no one showed up to a training class that she offered. Instead of going home and feeling sorry she decided to stay, taught herself, and completed the curriculum. How awesome is that? That is someone who values themselves and is determined to stay on course. She kept working towards her goal and didn’t let anyone deter her ambitions.



For a long time in my life, I undervalued the idea of having established personal values. This world has a way of getting you off path. Because of this it’s easy to get sidetracked or end up doing something you absolutely hate.

When I took the time to search my heart and soul for those values, these values in turn kept me going. Through hard times and when I screwed up, they kept me going.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And mistakes have a way of keeping you down if you let them. I had to let go of the mistakes I’ve made and not let them define me.

I had to learn to stay centered on what I believe is right. As long as what you are doing is aligned with you values then you should have no problem with stepping out of your comfort zone. So take the time to make sure what you’re doing is aligned with your values. It will save you time and a lot of heartache later on.

Start being uncomfortable

So what are some steps you can take to start stepping out of your comfort zone?

Well, first thing’s first—Pick a goal.


Just pick something!

It can really be just about anything. Something you’ve  wanted to do, but you didn’t have the courage and the idea just plain scares you, or it’s just not natural. You’re going to ignore these excuses and instead focus on your goal.

Start making a list of your big picture ambitions and start taking baby steps to get there.

A few of my professional ambitions:

  • I want to write a book and improve my writing/blogging skills
  • I want to become a world class trainer and coach on the topic of sales and leadership.
  • I want to improve my public speaking skills and speak on stages in front of large audiences.
  • I want to continue growing as a professional business person and coach other women to professional success.

Start small, have some success, and then stretch yourself a little more. It’s okay if you make mistakes. The important thing here is that you’re moving towards your goal. Progress over perfection! Besides perfectionism is exhausting. I’ve come to learn that I don’t have to do it perfect but I do need to make some progress.

In fact, I’ve made that my motto:

“I don’t have to do it perfect but I do need to make some progress!”

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