I offer a variety of career path options to meet the needs of my clients. Whether you are interested in a group learning environment (Mastermind) or want to move rapidly towards your declared goals through one on one private coaching, I can help you. I also offer a Sales Training Boot camp for Entrepreneurs. Upon request, I can also serve the needs of your sales force privately, by providing an on-site sales training.


“I’m so glad that I chose to do this for myself. Our coaching sessions really helped me to decide what was important to me at this time in my life and to focus on those things and not be side-tracked by everything else.

I appreciated how you never gave me the right answer, always saying that this was MY coaching session and it was about what I wanted, not what you wanted – so you pushed me to decide for myself. Now it’s my own, and not something that anyone else decided for me.

The benefit I experienced with coaching was focus. When we started I remember telling you that I felt lost and overwhelmed and like there was so much to do and I didn’t know where to start. Now I feel like I have a plan, I know where I’m going, and I’m ok with the pace I’ve set for myself.

I believe that everyone could benefit from coaching. If we don’t know WHERE we’re going, it’s really hard to get there. So deciding where you want to be, what’s most important to you, and then sticking to those plans, has made the last 3 months so much less stressful. I was just so blessed by our time together. I appreciate you using your gifts to serve me.”

Stephanie Gorena

Stylist, Stella and Dot

“The most valuable thing I experienced with you was the accountability from week to week. It forced me, in a positive way, to intentionally think about our weekly conversations and take specific actions on items that we discussed.

The benefits I experienced in career path coaching with you were introspection, self awareness, goal setting, and letting go of things that aren’t getting me closer to my priorities.I appreciated that the coaching process with organized and structured and that things flowed well from week to week. You helped me look internally at things that I had not considered or thought about.

Thank you Val for coaching me. Although not always comfortable and many in many cases very hard to be honest, this process has allowed me to re-focus on the areas that will get me to my personal goals and dreams.”

Monica Garza

Health Promotions Manager, H-E-B

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase 12 coaching sessions or can I buy one session at a time?

12 weeks is the minimum length of a coaching agreement. The coaching process is very unique and to achieve a deeper personal awareness, we recommend at least 12 weeks of coaching. At that point the I will have a discussion with the client and determine the appropriate next step.


What if I miss a training call? Will the calls be recorded?

Yes I will record all the calls and you will have access to all the recorded calls. I do recommend dialing in live to maximize your learning  experience with the group. They will be Q and A sessions, and the discussion will be very interactive.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes, if a friend sign up for with me for a 12 week coaching session, you will get a 1hr coaching session for free.
If a friends signs up for a mastermind, receive your next class at 50% off.