Entrepreneur Sales Boot Camp


Does the idea of selling your product or service give you sweaty palms and make you nervous? Let me reveal the secrets to making sales enjoyable and less stressful. With the right approach, sales can be the most personally rewarding part of your business. In fact, it should be the most rewarding, because its how you make money and grow your business!


What will you learn in this 4-week course?

-A Value Based Selling Model-A simple 4 step process
-Determine your “why” in your business
-Create an elevator pitch
-Learn the key elements to building rapport
-Uncovering your customer’s needs
-Demonstrate how your products meet those needs
-How to professionally handle difficult objections
– Feel comfortable with the close

This program includes:

4- 90 minute weekly calls with curriculum and Q & A
-weekly assignments to enhance the curriculum
-Access to a resource library
-Access to a group page “The Bloom Revolution Tribe”
-this site is a forum for the group to collaborate and share


$149 per person
8 person class limit


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