One on One Private Coaching


A premiere service that provides the most exclusive approach to achieving your personal goals and vision. Clients can experience the benefits of changed behavior, releasing self limiting beliefs, and improving the performance gap. Ultimately the key objectives in coaching is greater personal awareness, increased
personal responsibility, and greater accountability.

Read the attached document to get a better understand of the coaching process: A Brief Introduction to Coaching


What is included:

-includes 12 -60 minute weekly calls
-weekly action item worksheet
-accountability and success tracking
-calls will include a 45-minute coaching session with a 15-minute action item planning session.
-access to a resource library


The cost of virtual one on one coaching is $1200 paid in full
The cost of “in person” one one one coaching is $1800 paid in full

Payment Option:

Virtual Payment option: 3 payments of $450
In-person Payment option: 3 payments of $650
*Payment must be made prior to the coaching call.


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